The Innovative Way To Repair, Restore, and Remodel Your Concrete!

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Why Spend Large Amounts Of Money To Remove And Replace Existing Concrete?

We can transform concrete into a functional and beautiful surface that will renew the area into an attractive environment in a few hours. This efficient process can done at a fraction of the cost of removing old concrete and pouring new. We have the ability and technology to repair and re-surface concrete quickly…most repairs can handle foot traffic within an hour and vehicle traffic within a few hours.

We can coat, stain and seal any surface, tile or otherwise and make it look like a BRAND NEW SURFACE…any pattern, any color, and any texture.

The Modern, Cost-Effective Solution To Restoring Your Concrete Finish To Better Than New Condition!

Step 1 – Clean Damaged Concrete

Step 1 – Clean Damaged Concrete

We assess the damage to the original concrete, remove loose pieces and clean the area thoroughly, removing all debris. We then use a proprietary solution to pre-treat and prepare the damaged area for repair. Very little down-time and no noisy, dusty jack-hammering necessary!

Step 2 - Repair and Seal Cracks/Damage

Step 2 – Repair and Seal Cracks/Damage

Using our proprietary blend of polymers and resin, we fill in all cracked and damaged areas. This results in a permanent bond that is stronger than the original concrete surface. This step of the process sets in less than an amazing 45 minutes before the refinishing materials can be applied!

Step 3 - Refinish Concrete Surface

Step 3 – Refinish Concrete Surface

We then float the concrete surface with a specialized mixture that creates a beautiful, like-new concrete appearance. The resulting finish can be smooth or textured (like a variety of pavers or stone finishes), and/or it can be sealed. The completed product can be walked on in just 30 minutes!

Modern Concrete’s Restoration Highlights

  • No Messy Removal Required (No Jack-Hammers)
  • Long-Lasting Repairs
  • Minimal Down Time
  • Unlimited Finish Choices
  • Simply the Fastest, Most Innovative, Cost-Effective Solution Available Today!

Beautiful Driveways Restored by Modern Concrete

Beautiful Driveways Restored by Modern Concrete
Beautiful Driveways Restored by Modern Concrete

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